What is Know-Wave? / by Graham Hodge

Graham Hodge ©️ 2016

Graham Hodge ©️ 2016

With recent appearances on the cover of Hypebeast and clothes for sale at the Dover Street Market, many are left curious about what is Know-Wave. Is it a clothing brand? Art collective? Radio show? Well, it's sort all of that and more. 

Back around 2008 Aaron Bondaroff, Alberto Moran, and Mills Moran all founded OHWOW - a contemporary art gallery in Los Angeles and later on in New York. Over the years they have built a name featuring art exhibits for friends and acquaintances. After some time of focusing on art galleries and publishing artists' books, the trio began to expand art mediums. 

Legend has it Bondaroff moved back to LA and began becoming involved in two underground online radio stations, KChung and Neuz Pollution. His involvement lead to the creation of Know Wave, a free-for-all mess of anything-goes radio. It's a masterpiece representation of today's younger generation. The shows vary from art commentary, music, current "underground" events, and much more. It is radio, but isn't. Feeling lonely in your suburb or on your way home from work? Know Wave will immediately immerse you into a bustling atmosphere of a creative, big-city environment. 

It's no surprise that their merchandise has moved into the fashion scene. With clean aesthetics and Bondaroff's history in brands like Supreme and aNYthing just about anyone could pull off a piece of Know Wave merch with confidence of knowing about something that's a little deeper than what they're used to listening to.